I am here for YOU!

empathic listening and feminine support

Could you use a listening ear? I am here to listen and support you, with a patent , non-judgmental feminine energy container. Having someone to talk to can be tremendously helpful, on its own. It can be a key to help you gain clarity on your situation, see things differently, understand your own deeper feelings and make decisions about what to do next.

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Areas of Expertise

Life Transitions / Life Design / Managing Changes
Finding Clarity / Desires, Goal setting & Strategizing
Entrepreneurial Life / Feasibility, Start up & early growth
Abundance / Expansion Mindset / Spiritual Health
Relationships, Communication & Family Life
Self Mastery / Personal Development
Doing all the things: creating balance in complex life situations
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I have over 50 years of life experience and have seen some of the lowest and highest aspecting of being a human on this earth. I will listen without judgment and empathize with what it is you are going through. If you want more engagement, I can do that too!


One Hour Focused Support Session

Book a single one hour session with Mira to boost your potential. During this session I will listen, ask pertinent questions, offer you support and feedback to shift your mindset to self empowerment and strategize to get through whatever challenge you are facing.

One Month Coaching Package

This is where we are able to really get in there, and start working on a specific (or general) area of your life. Define what success really looks like for you, figure out what’s holding you back, set new goals and begin moving into your best, new YOU.

Three Month Coaching Package

This quarter-of-a-year package will give you plenty of space to move at your speed, to dive deeply into subtle energies and clear blocks, to help you to truly embody your ideal self.

Working with me: Our work together will be uniquely tailored to you, your situation, your learning style, speed and comfort level. And especially designed to meet your definition of success. Allow my life experience and resources to work for you; to be stepping stones on your journey. Get the help you need to soar to new heights without all of the trial and error of going it alone.

Mira is an amazing space holder and wise woman to have in your corner when you are investigating your own patterns, inner work and goals. She is worth her weight in gold. ⚜”

-Abigail Barella Eugene, OR

Free Mini-Session

A one-time FREE call to connect with me, ask your questions, talk about your needs and get a clearer idea of my coaching style. A great way to determine if we are a good match, for a productive coaching relationship.