Three Month Course

This is everything offered in the 1-month package, deep dive, gaining clarity, re-working mindset, and creating and implementing an action plan, and regular weekly accountability, over a sustained length of time. This quarter-of-a-year package will give you plenty of space to move at your speed, to dive deeply into subtle energies and clear blocks, to help you to truly embody your ideal self. Includes weekly 1-hour calls, option of mid-week mini check ins via call or message. I will help you all along the way, and be there for accountability and helping you fine tune your path & plan of action, as we go! We’ll manage curve balls when they come at you, re-sort our strategy as needed to get you maximum success and progress into your new venture. With the option to continue working with me…


1 Hour Discussion Calls x 12
Mini check-ins x 11

  “ On the other side of this transition is the new you, and your new life. “ – Mira

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