Empathic Listening

Life these days is almost too much! The unprecedented situations and decisions we have to make every day can be incredibly overwhelming and  confusing. At times it may seem altogether too much. Whether it’s just life, work environment, family situations or dating trouble, having a compassionate listening can be an amazing tool to help us gain the insight we need to get through challenging situations. I am happy to quietly listen over the phone, or face to face via Zoom. I offer a gentle non-judgmental feminine container of compassion and support.

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I remain silent while you talk, or I engage to whatever degree you are interested (we’ll let me know ahead of your session). Calls can happen on the telephone if you just want a listening ear, or via Zoom if you wish to see my face and receive my compassionate gaze and eye contact. The choice is yours.
I listen via telephone or Zoom, depending on your preference.
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Whether you just need to vent about your day, or receive more response, I will inquire further, asking insightful questions, to help you dig deeper. If you’d like actual guidance and suggestions, to help you understand the people in your life, people you date, your ex who you’re still entangled with, or children & teens who you are raising, I’m here for you. No subject is off limits and I will not judge or repeat anything that we share in our sessions. First fill out this questionnaire (questionnaire link), then we’ll set up a FREE 20 minute chat to see if we feel comfortable with each other and if I would be a good listening companion for you. 

If you want even more support, I offer intuitive guidance sessions, consulting and ongoing coaching plans, to help you create an action plan for success in many areas of life, from business to personal and family, and the ever masterful art of merging it all together! I can be your accountability partner; which is an absolutely priceless companion to have, if you’re seeking to make big changes in your life ~ I got you!

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Areas of Expertise

Life Transitions / Life Design / Managing Changes
Finding Clarity / Desires, Goal setting & Strategizing
Entrepreneurial Life / Feasibility, Start up & early growth
Abundance / Expansion Mindset / Spiritual Health
Relationships, Communication & Family Life
Self Mastery / Personal Development
Doing all the things: creating balance in complex life situations
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Free Mini‑Session!

20 Minute Consultation

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