Mira in Egypt

Free Mini‑Session!

20 Minute Consultation

One Hour Focused Support

One Hour any time you could use Mira’s focus attention, to help you breakthrough whatever is blocking you and get you moving forward in the right direction!


One Month Course

Each week, for 4 weeks, you’ll get a one hour face to face call, and a mini check-in with Mira, to help you stay on track.

1 Hour Discussion Calls x 4

Mini check-ins x 3


Three Month Course

Three months of weekly face to face hour sessions with Mira, and 11 mini check ins, to maximize your potential, get moving, stay on track and continue building with Mira’s full support. Option to continue…


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Areas of Expertise

Life Transitions / Life Design / Managing Changes
Finding Clarity / Desires, Goal setting & Strategizing
Entrepreneurial Life / Feasibility, Start up & early growth
Abundance / Expansion Mindset / Spiritual Health
Relationships, Communication & Family Life
Self Mastery / Personal Development
Doing all the things: creating balance in complex life situations
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