Guidance and Coaching

  Getting help through life’s transitions can be priceless. Handling all the moving parts of a changing world, and needing to come up with new moves, for new outcomes, is a lot! Yes, you can do it alone, and oftentimes we feel that we have to. But the more you have help and support from the people around you, the easier it’s going to be. Having a supportive family and healthy friendships is ideal. But having an intuitive coach or guide can help exponentially! The value of someone who has the time and commitment to be there, 100% for you, to listen, reflect, help you process, plan and show up regularly for accountability check ins, is a real golden key to success. Just like any athlete, your ability to reach far fast is greatly improved by this type of support.

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 A coach or a mentor can help you identify and clear out blocks. When we are in challenging circumstances we tend to operate on auto pilot. Oftentimes with difficult circumstances, pain, heartache, loss or shame, seems to require us to compartmentalize what’s going on (or went on in the past) in order to live our day to day lives, and not be constantly swept away by emotions. We may feel like we need to shut those memories away, in order to get through the day to day tasks required for survival. This is a survival tactic that does help. But as much as it helps us get through the motions, it also holds us back energetically. When something is festering in the subconscious mind. We need to deal with what is, feel the feelings and move through them, in order to truly let them go. It’s often said that people regress to the age they were at, when unprocessed trauma happened. Looking at painful events and processing the feelings sounds daunting, and understandably avoidable. But as hard as it may be, it often isn’t as grueling as we imagine it to be. It begins to feel like a mountain, when we pack it away over years. But you may be surprised how easily you can move through it, and move out of it, with proper support and willingness to let it go. It is very beneficial to have someone who is standing outside of our lives to help us see things from a different perspective, and claim hidden jewels that we have overlooked. Everything you suffered through, has taught you things. Every hardship you overcame, left a reward, if you will claim it. In order to change your circumstances you’ll need to see things differently, and do things differently from what you have been doing. This is where outside help can help you make the switch.


One Hour Deep Dive

Book a single one hour session with Mira to boost your potential. During this session I will listen, ask pertinent questions, offer you support and feedback to shift your mindset to self empowerment and strategize to get through whatever challenge you are facing.

One Month Coaching Package

This is where we are able to really get in there, and start working on a specific (or general) area of your life. Define what success really looks like for you, figure out what’s holding you back, set new goals and begin moving into your best, new YOU.

Three Month Coaching Package

This quarter-of-a-year package will give you plenty of space to move at your speed, to dive deeply into subtle energies and clear blocks, to help you to truly embody your ideal self.

A word about the Healing Journey

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Healing doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t have to take a lifetime of therapy. Healing can begin the moment we recognize that we are blocked, identify the trauma, acknowledge what we’re doing to block out the pain, and simply make a commitment to the change. Moving into a job, starting new projects, opening up our hearts, does not have to wait until we are 100% healed. Just choosing to heal and putting healing into action is a tremendous accomplishment and we are free to begin ushering in our new life, our new self, right then and there. In fact, choosing to heal and move forward is a big part of healing itself. 

Work with Me

I would love to help you get through challenging transitions and into your new life, new self. A life designed by yourself, supported by you, defining your ambitions and stepping into them.

I’ll help you reconcile your personal ambitions, with your life and responsibilities. Help you leverage financial situations and identify opportunities, in rocky places. Your Clarity~ Your mindset ~ Your Energy vibration ~ Your action plan and Your follow through, all add up to your results. I am here to help you through it all.

Together we’ll process through stagnant emotions and make choices to move beyond them, and begin manifesting your dream life.

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What Does Success Look Like to you?

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Set healthy boundaries. Adjust your mindset, for optimal growth and confidence. 

We’ll work to balance your extreme emotions, towards balanced understanding and emotional intelligence, that actually helps yourself and others. And we’ll set up daily habits that ease anxiety, and allow you to conserve your energy to direct in the areas that are most important to you.

“ A wise woman once told me, “a woman can have it all, just not all at the same time!” Though I have been known to balance a lot of balls at times, those words settled deeply within me, and gave me a sense of hope. This awareness has contributed to me to create wildly successful business, heal relationships that I thought were hopeless and raise strong, independent, healthy children, through unsteady times.”
– Mira

Free Mini-Session

A one-time FREE call to connect with me, ask your questions, talk about your needs and get a clearer idea of my coaching style. A great way to determine if we are a good match, for a productive coaching relationship.