About Mira

Mira is a mother, business woman, fashion designer and coach, currently living alongside nature, on a small plot of land in Eugene Oregon.

Despite sweet beginnings, life has thrown her a lot of curve balls, leading to a vast pool of knowledge and experience to pull from.

The work is never done, but we don’t have to waste another day, not enjoying it. ”  ~ Mira

How it started…

Mira was born to a bi-racial hippie couple in San Francisco 1972. Yes, the phrase “love child” does apply. The home birth midwife proclaimed her an “old soul “ a term she still identifies with…

When Mira was just 3, her family home burned down and her father swiftly whisked the family away to the far end of the earth, Bangkok Thailand. Childhood in Thailand was both magical and rugged. She spent much of her childhood traveling by train and air throughout Asia, with her mother and four siblings.

Mira’s father aspired to greatness for his family. But his business of import/export was not altogether legal; a career path that led to some incredible experiences of abundance and worldliness, but ultimately ended in unmentionable loss. 

Moving on…

Due to her father’s eventual imprisonment, in her teen years she experienced homelessness, parentlessness and times of complete destitute. Before becoming a mother herself at the age of 18. As a young mother, Mira was dedicated, and able to recreate a rich family life, of natural parenting and holistic living. In her mid 30’s things changed, with a move to Oregon and a divorce. In which time Mira honed her focus on creating her then start-up organic fashion brand “Sweet Skins Hemp”, while single parenting young children. As the years have passed and Sweet Skins has gone from a fledgling fashion line, to a name brand in the eco-fashion world, Mira has continued to grow and acquire wisdom and life skills. Within the now popular brand, Mira mentors young designers, and coaches women who seek to balance complex life situations and while pursuing personal goals and business aspirations. 

Mira currently lives on a small piece of land, in Eugene Oregon, with her 10 year old son, and her mother living outback. She’s grateful to have all of her now grown children, and her ex living in close proximity, and continuing the vital and festive family life, that means so much to her. Along with the blessing of an amazing array of empowering and mutually rewarding relationships with the other women in her life. Mira is excited about life, forever learning, growing and becoming a greater version of self.

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