We always hear about that little old thing called ‘gratitude’ and yet it can feel like such a juxtaposition to find it, when we’re behind on the bills.

How do we appreciate what we have, while yearning for something different? 🤔

That lack, is the very thing that sparks the desire for change. Yet in order to create change, we need to be in the opposite mindset.. 🤔

Now there are a lot of gurus out here telling us how it’s done. And some of them have some great ideas! But also we can’t embody something that we’re simply processing internally ~ For me, words are worthless, unless i feel them in my soul.

I try to take real life action, that mimics the thing I’m wanting: Say I’m broke and I want wealth. I resist the eage to stay home a brood. Instead I’d go to boundiful places that are free, like the river or forest, where everything is growing and flowing all the time. Abundance is everywhere! Go find the evidence.

When my kids were little, we would take old thing to the resale shops and go “shopping” for free. Then we would spend our left over $2 on popcycles and ‘picnic’ at the park. I never let my kids know that we didn’t have the money to shop at the mall, go to the movies, pay the rent… 🙃 I never said “money doesn’t grow on trees” when they asked for things.

Leaves grow on trees, and leaves can be made into crowns, and crowns can be sold at the market, for money. 🍃 So money kind of does grown on trees. It just depends on your mindset.

As far as my kids knew, we had everything we needed to have all the fun in the world. And in fact, we do. I use that same psychology on myself today. ~


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